Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hoots mon mind me sporran!

Scotland has come a long way since the days it produced people like John Logie Baird, Robert Napier and James Watt. Now 25% of the Scottish workforce are employed by the government. (Imagine living in an apartment block of 100 tenants of working age, and 25 of them worked for the management company). If it wasn't for the billions in welfare payments sent North from England, the whole country would collapse in anarchy.

So all these do-nothing guys just got through spending over $800M on a new headquarters building (initial estimates - about 1/10th of that)

That means there are a bunch of guys earning 100,000 a year off the taxpayer with nothing to do. Panic!

Here's a novel idea- require a license to wear a sporran

This is not April 1

It is not the Onion

This is socialism in action!

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