Tuesday, July 17, 2007

McCain Implosion

"McCain raised $25 million in the first half of the year, and has spent almost all of that. His campaign has just $2 million in hand, and owes more than $1 million. 'The responsibility is mine," McCain told New Hampshire Public Radio last week. "We didn't use the money in the most effective way.'" -- MSNBC

Poor Senator McCain was acting as though he was already President, with an unlimited pot of taxpayers' money to piss up the wall in any way he chose.

Mission Creep

Billionaire blowhard Michael Bloomberg has had a bit of a setback in his crusade to charge people to drive in Manhattan south of 86th street (as though anybody does that for fun). While sipping a martini on the deck of his yacht he came up with this idea to screw yet more money from hard working people, to fund more useless fuckwits and his cronies in no-work jobs.

Of course the other big advantage of this system is it requires license plate reading cameras to blanket the city so that the Gummint always knows who is driving and where.

That's not paranoia... that's what the system in London is now going to be used for

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Scotland Update

I just saw some figures about Scotland. Here's what you get after 60 years of municipal socialism:

The city of Glasgow contains 70% of Scotland’s most deprived neighbourhoods.

A third of people of working age are economically inactive

50% of all households have no earned income.

They should all thank the working people of England, then - the 50% of their wages they have taken off them in tax, is funding 50% of households in the fair city of Glasgow

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

More from the KGB

This chap is former KGB Major Yuri Shvets, who had the misfortune to get into the KGB and end up in Washington right at the end of the Soviet experiment. By that time it was even beginning to dawn on the lame-brains at the BBC that Soviet Communism might have some flaws. They realised the KGB funding was going to dry up and took the decision to change their editorial stance, to promote the EU as an alternative. But that's another story.

So anyway Yuri came to Washington and claims in his book to have recruited an American journalist as a confidential contact. Whether this is true or not is a matter of some debate.

Perhaps he should have left his uniform (above) back home in Russia instead of wearing it while hitting the Washington cocktail party circuit!

Anyway the good news is you can hire Yuri to speak at your business function or bachelor party, or whatever. Beware though, Vodka is the Russian spy's favorite tipple, and they tend to be able to drink rather a lot of it!

KGB In Action

With the CIA recently deciding to publish its so-called "family jewels" - notes on the slightly dodgy stuff the agency got up to in the Cold War - my thoughts have again turned to my favorite subject, the Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB). They certainly gave the West a run for their money. It's ironic that the Soviet Union provided ultimate proof that the only way Government can run everything is if you turn the entire country into a giant prison camp, but politicans of all parties today still believe more Government and more laws are the answer to every problem.

So here are a couple of KGB agents "in action" in Beirut in 1969.

The spindly fellow on the left is Rem Krassilnikov, the "Silver Fox of Tchaikovsky Street" who later headed the Second Chief Directorate responsible for operations against foreigners within the Soviet Union. This usually meant following the comically inept members of the British security service, MI6 as they blundered about Moscow. Rem was a hardline commie, much like the Mayor of London today, in fact. Rem is short for "Revolutsky Mir" - World Revolution. His lady wife's name was Ninel - which is Lenin spelled backwards.

On the right, with the slightly bourgeois hair-do is the legendary Viktor Cherkashin. He is the man who recruited famous turncoats Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen. The picture comes from his excellent book Memoir of a KGB Officer. They may have lost the Cold War but the Russians write the best memoirs.

The picture is used without permission - Viktor if you're reading this, I'd love to meet you and chat sometime .... but let me make the tea, ok!

One can only speculate what may have caught Viktor and Rem's attention on this occasion. Perhaps the entrance of a sultry dancing girl - or given that it's Beirut, an easily blackmailed British Politician, in search of young boys, perhaps?


Bloated millionaire socialist Michael Moore has produced a film hailing the brilliance of socialised medicine like they have in Great Britain and rubbishing the health system here in America.

Despite what seems to me to be overwhelming evidence that government serves largely as a sponge to soak up those members of the workforce who are incapable of doing a real job, he thinks the government should nationalise the health system here so that everybody could enjoy the same lousy level of service regardless of ability to pay.

That's his privilege - I'm sure if he got sick he'd head off to a Swiss clinic anyway. He'd have no luck in Britain, where the health service wouldn't treat him, because he's obese.

So what kind of doctors do they have in the UK? Well, because it's government run most of the health service money goes in to failed computer systems. When it comes to hiring doctors, the cheaper, the better. You can be washing cars in Beirut one week and doing brain surgery in London the next.

Here's one guy who left Jordan to work in the NHS

He's Mohammed Asha. He'll not be doing his rounds this morning, though, because he's been arrested for trying to blow up a night club. In fact he's one of a bunch of international terrorists who during the day were employed by Britain's Health Service

This is obviously causing consternation in the British Department of Health. If their doctors keep getting arrested for suicide bombing, the waiting list is going to get even longer.

The latest news is that the British Health minister has called for an emergency meeting of her senior advisers to discuss the problem...