Thursday, June 7, 2007

Another money making scam

So a bunch of big city mayors, encouraged by the fact that former Communist mayor of London, "Red" Ken Livingstone, now charges you $16 a day to drive, are trying to promote similar schemes here in the USA under the guise of fighting so-called "climate change".

London's as gridlocked as it ever was, caused by constant, pointless, uncoordinated roadwork. You'd think that a central authority could coordinate those. But no, they'd prefer instead to implement road pricing using a network of cameras to monitor drivers every move and send automatic fines by mail. And the revenue can go into hiring more useless fuckwits!

Message to Bloomberg: fuck off to your country club and hang out with your flunkies and brown-nosing millionaire friends, and get your hands out of the pockets of working people.

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