Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hoots mon mind me sporran!

Scotland has come a long way since the days it produced people like John Logie Baird, Robert Napier and James Watt. Now 25% of the Scottish workforce are employed by the government. (Imagine living in an apartment block of 100 tenants of working age, and 25 of them worked for the management company). If it wasn't for the billions in welfare payments sent North from England, the whole country would collapse in anarchy.

So all these do-nothing guys just got through spending over $800M on a new headquarters building (initial estimates - about 1/10th of that)

That means there are a bunch of guys earning 100,000 a year off the taxpayer with nothing to do. Panic!

Here's a novel idea- require a license to wear a sporran

This is not April 1

It is not the Onion

This is socialism in action!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


So let's say you aren't very bright, and you're not a big enough liar and dirtbag to survive as a politician but you still want to live off the public purse and force your views on other people through legislation. Simple - become an environmentalist.

- The toilets in all new houses in America are pathetic tiny things (like I remember from elementary school). You need to flush them half a dozen times after having a turnout and they block easily. Why? Environmental legislation to save water

- Millions of kids die in the third world due to Malaria, which is completely avoidable if you spray with DDT to kill mosquitoes. But DDT was banned because some lame brain wrote a book about how it thins the shells on birds' eggs. So at least there are now plenty of vultures around to feed off the corpses of the dead children

- Why is gas more expensive in some Chicago suburbs than others. "According to Bill Fleischli, executive vice president of the Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association, Naperville falls within a 'non-attainment area' that encompasses Chicago and most of the western suburbs. The Environmental Protection Agency mandates that these areas must only use reformulated gasoline, a cleaner-burning fuel that is more costly than regular petrol." --- rough translation: a bunch of guys sucking off the public tit who never did a day's actual work, are causing me to pay more for my gas on my way to my real job. Way to go boys! My kids look forward to paying your generous pensions as well.

Waldheim Dies

Former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim just died aged 88.

His main contribution while in that post was to the field of medicine. He suffered from a condition now known as "Waldheimer's Disease".

It is a form of Alzheimers where sufferers find they cannot recall anything during the period 1933-1945

Here is Kurt with some buddies in happier times

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Latest Computer from Apple

Simple. Functional. Elegant.

Thought for the day

Sunrise, wrong side of another day,
Sky high and six thousand miles away,
Don't know how long I've been awake,
Wound up in an amazing state


Friday, June 8, 2007

Olympic Boondoggle

London was lucky enough to win the 2012 Olympics. That means the fortunate British taxpayer is going to be picking up the tab until about 2042, just so a bunch of insiders can get a warm and fuzzy feeling. Of course, given that this is the country which took 20 years to build a 40 mile railway line to join London to the Channel tunnel, it's likely that as well as adding to London's third-world congestion levels, the entire project will be a complete disaster, and the athletes will be competing in a building site.

Anyway, they are kicking things off as they mean to go on. The great thing about socialism is that the kind of idiots who in the commercial world would never be let anywhere near the purse strings, get the chance to splash around the taxpayer's hard-earned money. After all, there's plenty more where that came from, isn't there? And if not, just raise taxes and blame climate change!

By way of example consider that the Olympic committee gave about $800,000 to coke-sniffing bullshitters Wolff-Olins to come up with a new logo. And after literally ten minutes ceaseless toil the British taxpayer got this (if you suffer from seizures look away now)

Unfortunately when they put this in an animation to warm up the lucky residents of London who will be paying for all this, a number of them did suffer from seizures - and not just because of the cost.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Another money making scam

So a bunch of big city mayors, encouraged by the fact that former Communist mayor of London, "Red" Ken Livingstone, now charges you $16 a day to drive, are trying to promote similar schemes here in the USA under the guise of fighting so-called "climate change".

London's as gridlocked as it ever was, caused by constant, pointless, uncoordinated roadwork. You'd think that a central authority could coordinate those. But no, they'd prefer instead to implement road pricing using a network of cameras to monitor drivers every move and send automatic fines by mail. And the revenue can go into hiring more useless fuckwits!

Message to Bloomberg: fuck off to your country club and hang out with your flunkies and brown-nosing millionaire friends, and get your hands out of the pockets of working people.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Helping the sick and needy

Here in Illinois, Tony Blair lookalike Rod Blagojevich has got a great idea for swelling the states coffers. It's called the Gross Receipts Tax

Basically it's a way of soaking wealth creators across the board and raising money to fund healthcare for the poor.


1. fewer wealth creators
2. more poor people
3. more bureaucracy

Way to go Rod! You can use some of the money to put up more of those $15,000 tollway signs with your name on them.

If you want to see what ends up happening when you let the government run healthcare check out this heartwarming story from the UK where they've had socialised medicine for 60 years.

Long story short there's a 37 year old woman being treated for emphysema because she's been toking up 10 times a day since she was 14.

Funded by the British taxpayer!