Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Bloated millionaire socialist Michael Moore has produced a film hailing the brilliance of socialised medicine like they have in Great Britain and rubbishing the health system here in America.

Despite what seems to me to be overwhelming evidence that government serves largely as a sponge to soak up those members of the workforce who are incapable of doing a real job, he thinks the government should nationalise the health system here so that everybody could enjoy the same lousy level of service regardless of ability to pay.

That's his privilege - I'm sure if he got sick he'd head off to a Swiss clinic anyway. He'd have no luck in Britain, where the health service wouldn't treat him, because he's obese.

So what kind of doctors do they have in the UK? Well, because it's government run most of the health service money goes in to failed computer systems. When it comes to hiring doctors, the cheaper, the better. You can be washing cars in Beirut one week and doing brain surgery in London the next.

Here's one guy who left Jordan to work in the NHS

He's Mohammed Asha. He'll not be doing his rounds this morning, though, because he's been arrested for trying to blow up a night club. In fact he's one of a bunch of international terrorists who during the day were employed by Britain's Health Service

This is obviously causing consternation in the British Department of Health. If their doctors keep getting arrested for suicide bombing, the waiting list is going to get even longer.

The latest news is that the British Health minister has called for an emergency meeting of her senior advisers to discuss the problem...

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