Thursday, June 14, 2007


So let's say you aren't very bright, and you're not a big enough liar and dirtbag to survive as a politician but you still want to live off the public purse and force your views on other people through legislation. Simple - become an environmentalist.

- The toilets in all new houses in America are pathetic tiny things (like I remember from elementary school). You need to flush them half a dozen times after having a turnout and they block easily. Why? Environmental legislation to save water

- Millions of kids die in the third world due to Malaria, which is completely avoidable if you spray with DDT to kill mosquitoes. But DDT was banned because some lame brain wrote a book about how it thins the shells on birds' eggs. So at least there are now plenty of vultures around to feed off the corpses of the dead children

- Why is gas more expensive in some Chicago suburbs than others. "According to Bill Fleischli, executive vice president of the Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association, Naperville falls within a 'non-attainment area' that encompasses Chicago and most of the western suburbs. The Environmental Protection Agency mandates that these areas must only use reformulated gasoline, a cleaner-burning fuel that is more costly than regular petrol." --- rough translation: a bunch of guys sucking off the public tit who never did a day's actual work, are causing me to pay more for my gas on my way to my real job. Way to go boys! My kids look forward to paying your generous pensions as well.

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