Monday, June 30, 2008

The True Spirit of America

"I told the health department weeks ago, 'Go ahead and fine me,'" said Gary McWard, who owns a bar in Taylorville."

Good for you sir!

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This is serious

Chrysler to close 1 plant and cut production at 2nd

I like Chrysler.

I have been very happy with the service at Bill Kay

And I love my 300 Touring.

This is without a doubt this is the best value for money car I have driven in 20 years.

I actually enjoy seeing it waiting for me in the station parking lot at the end of the day.

I cannot imagine ever making that statement about an Altima.

What are you all waiting for?

Put your hands in your pockets and buy one NOW.

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Making candy in the shape of lighthouses, that is.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

England set to triumph in Beijing 2008

Arthur Plinge, 28, wins bear-wrestling final in London and is on his way to Beijing.

Groundbreaking news from the research community

Many women are left unhappy in the aftermath of casual sexual encounters, a survey has revealed.

Oh no! Say it isn't so! By now you're already amazed at the findings of these researchers. But there are more astonishing results.

Just under half of women who answered the internet poll, published in the journal "Human Nature", said they felt it had been a bad idea.

Four out of five men, in contrast, said they were happy with a brief fling.

Incredible. Who would have thought that any man would be up for a casual legover?

I wish I had been smart enough to get into Durham University. I think the taxpayer should dig deep to fund more revolutionary research like this.

Friday, June 27, 2008

How did this guy get to be a justice of the Supreme Court?

[The majority] "would have us believe that over 200 years ago, the framers made a choice to limit the tools available to elected officials wishing to regulate civilian uses of weapons"

- Justice John Paul Stevens, commenting on Heller

If anyone more supposedly eminent has ever uttered a dumber statement, I'd be surprised. I wouldn't trust this guy to judge a bonny baby contest. How did he get on the Supreme Court?

Hasn't he noticed that the amendments in the bill of rights tend to limit the powers of government?

Why is it a stretch for him to believe that the second amendment is no different?

What words come to mind when looking at Government?


Here in Illinois three of the past seven Governors have gone to jail. Every time the current Governor, Blagojevich, is mentioned in print, they have to add "... who has not been charged with any crime"

It was no different 200 years ago. The framers knew exactly the type of people drawn to Government "service" and drew up the constitution accordingly.

Massive public support for Daley's gun ban


Thursday, June 26, 2008

New shooter?

So now the Heller decision has sunk in there must be many people like me heading out to buy a handgun. But which one?

I am informed by an expert in such matters that the SIG .45 ACP is an ideal weapon.

That whining noise you can hear...

... is liberals complaining about the Heller decision.

Here's one quoted Here

Senator Dianne Feinstein, a gun control advocate in Congress, attacked the ruling. "I believe the people of this great country will be less safe because of it," she said.

She's right. Burglars, muggers, stalkers,rapists - all of them will now be at greater risk of having their fucking heads blown off by their victims.

Of course, she'd never come into contact with anybody like that, because she's protected by heavily armed security whenever she ventures outside her usual haunts of limo, private jet, mansion or country club.

I wonder why she doesn't fuck off to Europe and get a job in the EU parliament?

Reaction from the left to Heller

"We are confident that this does not invalidate Chicago's [weapons] ordinance at this point," said Jennifer Hoyle, spokeswoman for the city Law Department."

Right. When Chicago becomes part of the EU.

Daley said the Supreme Court decision, by allowing guns in city streets but still banning them in the halls of federal power, further widens the gap between the country's elite and the common people.

"This decision really places those who are rich and those who are in power [to] always feel safe," Daley said. "Those who do not have the power do not feel safe, and that's what they're saying."

If you want to narrow the gap between the elite and the common people, let the common people carry weapons as well. Currently the rich and powerful in Chicago (like Daley) do feel safe. Now everybody can! What is it about being a socialist which seems to cloud a person's thinking?

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The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave


So the bearded commies at the BBC must have choked on their environmentally friendly tofu at the news that The US Supreme Court has ruled that the Washington DC handgun ban is unconstitutional

Currently in Washington DC only the cops, politically connected insiders, and gang members carry firearms, just like in Chicago under Marshal Daley.

Now, law-abiding citizens in our nation's capital will once again be able legally to defend themselves.

After all, if self defense is banned forcing people to rely on the police for protection, it turns out they're no damn good at it. But they do use the violence as an excuse to implement road blocks and checkpoints

How good it feels to live in a land with a simple constitution anybody can understand.


What's shocking is the court was split 5-4 on the interpretation of this. I'd like to ask the 4: "I'm no legal scholar, but what makes _you_ think the second amendment is a collective right, when the other nine are individual rights?"

So now, like dominoes falling, all the petty restrictions on gun ownership (don't forget, the politicians who enact these laws are all protected round the clock by armed police at your expense, and make sure they themselves are exempt anyway) will start to be challenged. And will fall.

The only reason FOID cards cost $5 and not $50,000 is because the freedom-hating politicos did not want such fees challenged in the Supreme court, because they knew they'd lose.

And they have.


I'm off to get me one of these

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I love this

I wish we would invade Spain. Or better yet, France!


Awesome eh? This sort of thing.. could only happen in Britain

One of my favorite images - handily summarizing a nation after 60 years of brain dead socialism

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bear Stearns Hedge Fund Manager Indicted

Read it and weep (or laugh)


So for 50 years Bulgaria was an eager and willing member of the Warsaw Pact. They even went so far as to try to become the 16th province of the Russian federation. And with the demise of the Soviet Union, they have now committed themselves fully to the closest thing they could find to the Soviet Union, the European Union, and are taking advantage of the 'open borders' policy to export their criminal Mafia to Britain, where the incompetent police and lax sentencing mean that they join the Turkish Mafia, Russian Mafia, Armenian Mafia, and of course the Vietnamese Mafia which specializes in renting houses and turning them into marijuana factories.

During the Soviet years the Darzhavna sigurnost was one of the most efficient and ruthless of all the state security organs in Eastern Europe. Back in 1978 one of their operatives jabbed a ricin-tipped umbrella into the leg of one Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian dissident who used to broadcast programmes critical of the Bulgarian regime for the CIA-backed Radio Free Europe. This caused his death a few days later.

Now 30 years on despite the fact that London is reeling from a crime wave like New York in the 1980s, a bunch of British detectives have found time to head off to Sofia to try to solve this case once and for all.

As to why now, the article referenced gives two possible explanations.

- On September 11, the 30-year statute of limitation on the case will expire under Bulgarian law. and after that date, it will no longer be possible to launch legal proceedings.

- the Markov case could help Scotland Yard in its investigation into the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. The former KGB agent died in 2006 after being poisoned with radioactive polonium in London.

Can I add a third?

It's the summer and a bunch of Scotland Yard's finest would rather be hanging out at a Bulgarian Black sea resort than back home dealing with people like this guy

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Maybe somebody just doesn't like me"

Teen is shot for 3rd time this year

A young man was wounded in a drive-by shooting early Wednesday outside his parents' Far South Side home, marking the third time since January that he was shot.

Dominice Hallom, 19, was shot in the buttocks shortly before 2 a.m., his family and Chicago police said.

In January, he was shot in the left calf down the block from his parents' home. He was wounded again in late April down the block, this time in his back and the right calf.

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Shop Blackwater

If you are getting fed up with the 'find excellence in the quality chaos' type inspirational posters scattered around at work, how about these alternatives from security company Blackwater

Maybe they are a bit over the top if you're just a florist, but if you wear Oakleys and look fit maybe you could carry it off.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wow, I totally could not have seen that coming from the start

Divorcee conned out of £80,000 by toyboy in Goa

A divorcee who had a holiday romance in Goa with a man 25 years her junior has been left "penniless and terrified" after being conned out of more than £80,000.

Eighty grand? I'd have wanted more than that!

Last month, in an identical case, Sarah Matheson, a divorced 54-year-old IT systems analyst, revealed she was conned out of £80,000 by a Kashmiri man she also met on a beach in Goa.

Seems to be the going rate for these guys. There must be something in the air in Goa... or maybe in the pants.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

This I would never have believed

Ever wonder what Rod Stewart's hobbies are?

Marrying blondes would be right up there, you'd think.

"The photos of Rod's layout were impressive," said Carl, "but it wasn't until I saw it in person that the real impact of it hit me. The level of craftsmanship is staggering."

Carl's talking about an intimate study of the great man's wedding tackle, isn't he?

Think again. The layout in question is a modal railway layout.

Rod's actually a Model Railway Enthusiast, like Nigel Gusset, 33, of Penge (below)

Back from a short vacation

So just back from soaking up the true rustic ambience of Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Resort

The kids loved the waterpark. Oddly, the biggest danger facing swimmers is not drowning, oh no. The major risk to life and limb is being crushed to death by one of the refrigerator-sized women they have wobbling around the place. That, or being stabbed to death in the showers by one of those tattooed guys who looks like they just finished a ten-stretch in a Mexican prison.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Statecraft for Beginners, Part 2

Don't throw an egg at the (former) British Deputy Prime Minister

He used to be a waiter on cross-channel ferries, and can throw a mean left hook

Well done the Irish

So the Irish have delivered a resounding "no" to giving away their hard-won sovereignty to that shower of shit in Brussels.

Well done!

Funny how whenever people are given a vote about "Europe" they say no, isn't it?

That must be why the European bosses don't often permit votes. They never like the results!

Of course, now let's see what plan B is.

1) Ignore the result and carry on
2) Make the Irish vote again until they come up with the "right" answer

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Your tax dollars at work

From here

(BILOXI, MS) June 3 -- What are people who receive FEMA assistance doing to help themselves? That's the question NBC 15's Andrea Ramey asked those who have been staying for free in hotel rooms after they moved out of FEMA supplied travel trailers. What she found out is there are some who are doing very little.

The scorching heat puts many at the Quality Inn poolside, but for Gwenester Malone, she chooses to beat the heat by setting her thermostat to sixty degrees. Malone's room for the past three months, along with three meals daily, have all been paid for by taxpayers.

"Do you work?" asked NBC 15's Andrea Ramey.

"No. I'm not working right now," said Malone.

Malone says she can't drive and it's too hot outside to find work within walking distance. "Since the storm, I haven't had any energy or pep to go get a job, but when push comes to shove, I will," said Malone.

Just a few blocks away, Kelley Christian also stays at a hotel for free. She says she's not taking advantage of her situation, but admits it's easy to do. "It's too easy. You know, once you're there, you don't have to pay rent," said Christian. "I kept putting it off and putting it off and now, I'm tired of putting it off."

She says she'll be out of the hotel and in an apartment by the end of the month. Push came to shove for Christian when police found a meth lab in a hotel room directly below her. "All kind of people in white suits pulled all kind of chemicals out here. There was enough to line up about three cars worth of chemicals. It scared the heck of me," said Christian.

Taxpayers also paid for that meth lab. The men police arrested were receiving FEMA assistance. The hotel owner says he'll now have to spend $5,000 to clean out the room.

As for Malone, she says she's not seeing any drug activity at her hotel. It's too nice she says. Why would she want to leave?

FEMA has not been able to provide the exact totals as to how much all the meals and hotel rooms are costing taxpayers, but FEMA has said repeatedly it works with people continuously to find permanent housing, and it will not leave anyone homeless.

Since Katrina hit the Gulf Coast nearly three years ago, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Mississippi has charged more than 275 people with FEMA fraud.

Wow! I never would have thought that if you paid for people to live free in a hotel, they'd just sit around all day and do nothing. Mind you it does take some time for people to get back to their former levels of economic activity after a disaster. Katrina was only 3 years ago.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A tourist's guide to British wildlife

The typical British female is shy, reserved, highly intelligent, and subtly alluring.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lock up Gordo

How about these?

- Somebody who holds office despite not having been elected
- Promised people a referendum on the Lisbon treaty and went back on his word
- Signed away his country's few remaining powers of self-government on the sly
- Appoints tenth-rate nonentities to high office, so there are no threats to him
- Hangs out with Communists and fellow travellers
- Never done an honest job, produced a good, or sold a service, in his life

Get the cuffs ready, we're off to arrest Gordo himself!

See what the Supreme Leader has to say

Friday, June 6, 2008

And so to bed

So after a day laughing at the shenanigans of the tenth rate sleazebags in the EU Parliament

A nice relaxing evening watching Dr. Strangelove in the delightful company of a few bottles of Red Stripe

It's drinking this, which has made Jamaica the economic powerhouse it is today

Obama or McCain

It's a choice between two big government socialists.

I favor Obama on the basis of what he's achieved at such a young age, despite having absolutely no early advantages in life like a multimillionaire dad opening doors for him.

As far as McCain is concerned, he's clearly a brave man. My problem with him, is that I don't think America needs a gerontocracy at this point. If McCain gets in, the CIA and the Pentagon will continue to run the country for another four years, while an increasingly frail McCain will be wheeled out to wave at the crowds like Brezhnev used to back in Soviet Russia.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's official: Britain now beyond satire

This isn't something I wrote.

This is not the Onion.

This is a big lump of blubber who used to be a school teacher and bizarrely ended up as the British Home Secretary.

This is Britain Today.

Real Men

David Niven's mustache could crush Brad Pitt like a bug.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Heartwarming news from Connecticut

"I feel like a million bucks!" says Kennedy
Your million bucks, to be precise.

The Supreme Leader Speaks

Good idea - let's start by locking you up, you miserable commie prick!

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Capsule summary of life in Britain

"The grandson of a woman who led a national campaign against gun and knife crime when her son was shot dead has been arrested after she was brutally stabbed to death in her own home.

Pat Regan, 53, a co-founder of the Mothers Against Violence campaign group, was found dead at her flat in Leeds last night.

She had become a national figure in the fight against gun and knife crime after her son Danny was gunned down in a suspected gangland killing in December 2002.

West Yorkshire Police have confirmed her own grandson, Rakeen, 19, has been arrested in connection with the murder."

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