Friday, June 8, 2007

Olympic Boondoggle

London was lucky enough to win the 2012 Olympics. That means the fortunate British taxpayer is going to be picking up the tab until about 2042, just so a bunch of insiders can get a warm and fuzzy feeling. Of course, given that this is the country which took 20 years to build a 40 mile railway line to join London to the Channel tunnel, it's likely that as well as adding to London's third-world congestion levels, the entire project will be a complete disaster, and the athletes will be competing in a building site.

Anyway, they are kicking things off as they mean to go on. The great thing about socialism is that the kind of idiots who in the commercial world would never be let anywhere near the purse strings, get the chance to splash around the taxpayer's hard-earned money. After all, there's plenty more where that came from, isn't there? And if not, just raise taxes and blame climate change!

By way of example consider that the Olympic committee gave about $800,000 to coke-sniffing bullshitters Wolff-Olins to come up with a new logo. And after literally ten minutes ceaseless toil the British taxpayer got this (if you suffer from seizures look away now)

Unfortunately when they put this in an animation to warm up the lucky residents of London who will be paying for all this, a number of them did suffer from seizures - and not just because of the cost.

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