Sunday, June 3, 2007

Helping the sick and needy

Here in Illinois, Tony Blair lookalike Rod Blagojevich has got a great idea for swelling the states coffers. It's called the Gross Receipts Tax

Basically it's a way of soaking wealth creators across the board and raising money to fund healthcare for the poor.


1. fewer wealth creators
2. more poor people
3. more bureaucracy

Way to go Rod! You can use some of the money to put up more of those $15,000 tollway signs with your name on them.

If you want to see what ends up happening when you let the government run healthcare check out this heartwarming story from the UK where they've had socialised medicine for 60 years.

Long story short there's a 37 year old woman being treated for emphysema because she's been toking up 10 times a day since she was 14.

Funded by the British taxpayer!

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