Sunday, September 28, 2008

US Virgin Islands

I'm chilling out for a few days in the US Virgin Islands. These were bought by the US in 1917 for $300 an acre to prevent the Germans getting their hands on them.

(There are also British Virgin Islands nearby. They are quintessentially British: to guarantee an authentic British experience, all visitors to the British Virgin Islands are greeted at the airport by a large, bald, semi-naked, drunken, tattooed man, who punches you in the face after asking "did you spill my pint?")

In the US Virgin Islands, driving drunk is a way of life. On St. John, there are only two roads, so it's impossible to get lost. Most of St. John is a National Park.

Some toilets eh? The $4 entrance fee is not being wasted! Ten coachloads of tourists can dump simultaneously here.

I sat through a few episodes of "Lost". I was amused to see St. John has its very own hatch!

Careful of the plantlife - these could bring tears to your eyes

The financial problems on the mainland have reached here - the St. John Stock Exchange has closed

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