Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is this idiot still rambling about the War on Terror?

Bush : World must stand united against terrorism

So in the past eight years we've seen

- The US massively in debt
- Senior US government officials dissembling about torture, which is despicable no matter who is doing it to whom
- Illegal wiretapping on an industrial scale
- Detention without trial
- Kidnapping people and delivering them to foreign countries to be tortured
- Billions wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan and thousands of our best people either killed or condemned to spend their rest of their lives as hospital cases

And like a monkey on an organ, still this idiot is banging the same drum. Come off it George, "War on Terror" is _so_ 2002.

Can you not just go quietly into the night and reflect on how disastrous the past eight years have been for the nation and constitution you swore to defend?

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