Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Three Cheers for the French

Ordinarily I regard the French much as a mountain climber views a broken limb.

But I firmly believe in credit where it is due.

Therefore, this blog raises a hearty cheer, and clinks a couple of glasses of Chateau Lafite 1945, in the general direction of the 'Commando Hubert'. Now it doesn't sound as cool as 'Delta Force', but these brave lads jumped out of a helicopter in the red sea and retook a 2-man yacht which had been captured by Somalian pirates


There should be lots of decoy yachts off the horn of Africa, manned by Special Forces.

They could let the Somalians get within hailing distance and let them have it with everything they've got - M203 grenade launchers, RPGs, whatever. Or better yet, let them board and then cut them to pieces with a .50Cal machine gun.

The operations could be self funding - I predict that videos of these actions, if crisply edited, would top the Christmas bestseller lists in most countries.

And we'd be ridding the world of scum, who when they have made enough from piracy to afford the air fare, mostly wind up in London, living off the proceeds of state benefits and crime.

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