Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If these people did the Oscars, Paul Walker would get an Academy Award

At the regional World Travel Awards on Saturday, American Airlines was named the top North American airline, John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York was the top North American airport

JFK is actually collection of airports bodged together over the years, some falling apart, located miles out of town in an area verging on a war zone, constantly subject to bad weather, notable mostly for being a never-ending construction zone.

Despite stiff competition from fellow dinosaurs US Airways and United, American consistently rates the worst of all US airlines for punctuality. If and when your plane does finally take off, the interior likely looks like it's seen service as a troop transport. As for the staff, after years of layoffs, downsizing and benefit reductions, the only people remaining are those who are unable to find a job elsewhere. And let's face it, pushing a food cart down an aisle is no job for a grandmother, no matter how foul-tempered she may be.

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