Thursday, November 6, 2008

Socialist Justice

It's a great thing, Socialism, once you get a job with the 'employer of last resort' - the state.

You sit there with your inflation proof pay, nice pension and short hours.

As long as you don't have any self-respect, don't care that you are regarded as a joke, and don't rock the boat, you can live out your days and retire comfortably.

Sit back and have a chuckle at how the chuckleheads in the "Youth Offending Team" in the UK city of Sheffield are dealing with gang violence.

First a little background to set the scene:

Jonathan Matondo was in the playground, eating Hula Hoops, when the shooting started. His friends shouted at him to run but Matondo, a teenage gang member who rejoiced in the nickname Venomous, refused. “I'm not running for no one,” he said, full of the invincible bravado of youth. “No one is tryin' to bust shots at us.” They were his last words. At that moment, a bullet hit Matondo in the back of the neck, penetrated his skull and lodged in his brain. He fell backwards over a low wall, on to a grass bank and died. He was only 16 when boyhood and manhood collided - when the child with his hand in a bag of crisps was cut down by a bullet fired by a street gangster of the kind he aspired to be.

The shooting, around 7.30pm on October 17 last year, had been the second attempt on Matondo's life that day. In the afternoon, hooded gunmen had chased him, firing several shots. Three of the guns fired at him, including the one that killed him, were Baikal pistols. The use of that gun - made in Russia to fire teargas, converted by Lithuanian gangs to shoot live ammunition, smuggled into Britain and sold to criminals for up to £2,500 - links the sporadic violence of street thugs such as Matondo with serious organised crime. Over the past three years, 16 Baikals have been recovered by police in Sheffield.

Matondo's murder was the culmination of a two-year feud between gangs in the Pitsmoor and Burngreave districts. The gangs identified themselves by their postcodes: Matondo was in the S3 gang from Pitsmoor, while the suspects were the S4s from Burngreave. Negus Nelson, 19, an alleged member of S4, was acquitted of Matondo's murder at Sheffield Crown Court last week.

Between December 2005, when there was a dispute over a drugs deal, and Matondo's death police recorded 45 occasions on which the gangs opened fire on each other. There were probably more incidents but no one, victim or witness, was prepared to talk.

Matondo was a key player in this fight. According to police intelligence and court records, he was a feared gunman and dealer, and someone who struck fear into other teenagers.

Right, so you've got a real hard case here. What do you do if your job is protecting the public from him (remember you're unelected and the public can't remove you)

Sheffield's Youth Offending Service had him on its highest level of supervision, trying to get him off the streets and into a job, but to little avail. On the night he was shot, a youth worker was sitting with Matondo's mother in his home hoping that, just for once, he might keep his appointment.

Wow! Careful with the rough stuff! (Any members of Sheffield's Youth Offending team reading this: my suspicion is you are a useless cunt. If you disagree, I'd love to hear your reasons!)

OK, now I don't have advanced police training, but it sounds like you've got a bit of a problem here. What do you do about it?

But in the aftermath of his murder, Sheffield ignored these hard realities and, by doing so, lost the chance to clamp down on gang violence. Instead, the police, churches and council slapped a glossy pretence on the teenager's death. Whether for political reasons or out of deference to his mother's grief, Matondo was presented as a church-going boy, whose family had brought him to England from what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo when he was 6 and who wanted to become a priest.

Of course - we're unelected Socialists! We do nothing, but spin it like he was an innocent victim rather than a scumbag. Anybody disagree, or point out he had no business in the UK in the first place - just call them a racist! Simple!

At the murder scene, a senior police officer told reporters there was no gang culture in the city. “We have heard rumours regarding gangs operating in the area,” he said. “However, gangs are not prevalent in Sheffield.” Privately, South Yorkshire Police officers admit that the statement lost them credibility. If people had been frightened to speak to the police before, they just laughed now. The police, it seemed, could not see what was going on, so why should people risk their lives to help them?

OK there's somebody who doesn't need to care what the people think - his pension will be safe as long as he obeys his political masters. The truth is whatever the police minister says it is.

Sheffield promotes itself as “the safest city” in England and does not want that image tarnished. Both its universities use the catchline in their efforts to attract the sons and daughters of respectable families. Strenuous efforts have been made to attract new investors and businesses to the city - including firms such as Boeing and Rolls-Royce.

OK, right. Sheffield's a tip. It always was, and always will be, a tip. Now they've imported a bunch of people from places where life is very cheap who can see that they can make big money from criminality and that there the only sanction available to authority is to send somebody round to talk to your mum and hope you drop in for a cup of tea between muggings.

And that's really socialism in a nutshell.

You don't allow people a vote so they can't remove you

You create your own reality - you're now a member of the elite!

And get the non-voting public to fund you

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