Friday, November 7, 2008

Clueless American Drivers

The speed limits are low over here for two reasons.

1. To save money on road maintenance. Rather than fix holes, it's cheaper to just lower the speed limit

2. American drivers are mostly completely clueless.

Only two days ago at a junction on a virtually empty road in dry, clear conditions I watched two minivans literally drive into each other head on as one turned left in front of the other. How the hell can you fail to see a van 10 feet from you?

There are frequent train delays caused by people driving their cars on the track and getting hit by trains. I mean, how do you get to be an adult without associating trains with a bit of danger?

There was a woman killed on Lake Shore Drive the other day because her car broke down. Instead of getting the hell out of there on foot, she proceeded to lift the hood up and stand peering at the engine - not noticing she was in the middle of 4 lanes of fast moving traffic.

But I think the prize for the dumbest motorists of the year must go to this Chicago couple who overtook President Elect Obama's motorcade with its lights, sirens and heavily armed secret service escort

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