Friday, November 7, 2008

Cheering for Chrysler

As I have mentioned before I am very sad at the state Chrysler is in.

My 300C is the best value car I have ever driven, period.

When I got it used from Bill Kay about 6 months ago it turned out the CD player didn't work as there was already a gangsta rap CD jammed in there somehow.

I finally got round to taking it in to have it repaired. From the time I called Bill Kay to them calling me to tell me the replacement radio had arrived to be fitted was a couple of days.

They changed the radio for free in a couple of hours. And now a week later, they've just phoned me to say that they've finally managed to extract that rap CD from the old unit and did I want it back!

For a company on the ropes financially, I think that is unbeatable service.

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