Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Fun

Your Saturday fun today comes courtesy of South Yorkshire police.

Do you drive? Have you noticed trucks recently? Specifically, have you noticed their tendency to

- Blunder into your path because the driver is preoccupied with eating a pan of spaghetti

- Delay your journey by crashing into low bridges. (The driver being unable to compare the height of his vehicle with the height painted in foot-high letters on the bridge)

- Mow down queueing traffic at toll booths

Although no doubt there are many fine upstanding truckers without whom this nation etc., etc., as a car driver I find it much safer to treat any truck in my path as though it is being driven by a knuckle dragging non-English speaking moron who paid a bribe to get his license, is drunk, eating a plate of spaghetti and has been awake for 48 hours. Because the chances are it is.

The policeman in this clip should have borne the above in mind. He's driving along normally in the outside lane of a virtually empty 3 lane motorway at 130MPH (!!!) with his headlamps flashing when up ahead he sees a truck in the inside (slow) lane. In the UK, trucks are banned from the outside lane of motorways with 3 or more lanes. What do you think happens?


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