Sunday, December 6, 2009

Asia Billboard Roundup

I've just got back from roughing it in a bunch of five-star hotels all over South East Asia.

Here's a selection of ads and billboards I found while there

If you drink enough essence of Chicken you could be just like this guy here

This ad enjoins you "don't be a tosser".

I checked and it's true, they really do have the entire internet in that traffic cone. Apparently the Chinese did it last year.

Bad news if you're a Durian

Here's the latest from DJ Mojo Jojo. I got to get me some of that!

Finally we were checking some bags in at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. One of our bags, apparently, was a Le Sport Sac. To me it just looked like a gaudy waste of cash. Anyway, the checkin guy's eyes lit up when he saw it. He asked were we sure we wanted to check it in, as it was the most popular bag among the baggage handlers! You can't fault the guy's honesty, can you? I said they were welcome to it.

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