Sunday, July 26, 2009

Illinois Politics

In Illinois the Republican and Democratic parties work together to fill their boots with as much taxpayers' cash as possible. They see their job as enriching themselves and their buddies and hiring armies of otherwise unemployable patronage workers on the public dime.

The second to last governor went to jail; the last governor is going to jail after his trial next year; and the current governor is essentially a brain-dead plank of wood they wheel around to make speeches.

Currently the state is $11,500,000,000 in the red. The architect of this cluster-fuck, greasy turd and State Treasurer, Alex Giannoulias, is running for Senate where he'll be able to bring his great talent to bear on stretching the national debt even further.

After watching the movie Cool Hand Luke recently my personal manifesto for the State of Illinois is to take everybody in the state house, chain them together, and make the bone idle lying fuckers dig roads and sleep in tents for three years. In most cases this would be the only time in their lives they had actually done an honest job.

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