Monday, April 6, 2009

NPR "This I Believe" comes to an end

Driving home today I heard on NPR that their series This I Believe is coming to an end.

Ordinary members of the public tell what they believe in.

A truly inspiring series which captured the viewpoints of a fully representative cross-section of American society

From gay to lesbian
From pacifist to conscientious objector
From Berkley professor to Brandeis professor
From left winger to slightly further left winger
From anti war activist to anti-nuclear protester
From disabled to handicapped
From federal worker to government employee
From civil rights activist to victim of police brutality
From big government advocate to large government advocate
From people who want to ban guns to people who think the second amendment is a bad idea

No viewpoint was omitted - we heard from them all.

This blog salutes you!

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