Monday, April 20, 2009

Latest PC Claptrap

Took the kids to the library this weekend and this caught my eye in the childrens' section.

Just the sort of PC nonsense libraries love to fill young minds with.

Let's not forget that since the CIA stopped backing Siad Barre as a bulwark against the Soviet backed Mengistu regime in neighboring Ethiopia back in 1991, Somalia has had no functioning government.

In 1993 18 US servicemen were killed by the locals which spawned the superb movie "Black Hawk Down".

And now Somalians focus mainly on piracy off the horn of Africa, although recently they made the mistake of taking on a US ship, the result being that snipers belonging to the Navy SEALS managed to end the careers of three of them from 75 feet away on the rolling deck of a ship, an awesome feat of marksmanship.

Of course, there are other careers open to the Somali people in the event they suffer from sea-sickness. Provided they can scrounge up enough for a plane ticket they can bring their rich culture to the UK where they can live comfortably on benefits while passing their days committing crime and smoking skunk with no danger of being shot by a sniper. Of course, they'd do well to watch out for any of Idi Amin's relatives

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