Thursday, October 30, 2008

Socialism in our future

Karl Marx must be laughing wherever he is. The hardcore master of the universe capitalists at the nation's big banks are not averse to getting large state handouts. Remember the big swinging dicks at Bear Stearns? As soon as the market delivered their much-needed kick in the ass, they were blubbering like babies about being "made whole".

Message to any ex-Bear Stearns bankers: you may have an Ivy League MBA but the according to the market you are just 95% arrogance and 5% talent! Or in other words the market says you're a cunt and who am I to disagree?

Anyway, with Obama looking pretty certain of victory next week, and McCain being just as big a socialist anyway (at least Obama is more honest about it), it seems that the future is more and more big government.

Why do people think that the solution to all problems is to throw taxpayers' money at them? Why do they believe that everything will be great when the government runs everything? Haven't they heard of countries that tried this system? The Soviet Union? North Korea? Britain in the 1970s ring a bell?

Maybe I need to put it in more visual terms. OK, here is what you get, from a government-owned car company (UK, circa 1976). This is a genuine un-photoshopped publicity photo.

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