Monday, October 13, 2008

Britain in Trouble

There's a lot of people in the 'real' government of Britain right now who are very worried.

By 'real' government, I mean the people in the Civil Service power elite responsible for implementing European policy.

Britain has about six million unemployed right now - people from families where nobody has worked for three generations. Asylum seekers living in million pound houses at public expense And there are probably a couple of million drug addicts.

No doubt the power elite is wondering what's going to happen if the country goes bankrupt and is unable to pay benefits to those people.

While they think about that, and no doubt make sure they and their families are well protected, they wheel out a pair of boneheaded sock puppets to give a press conference.

These two clowns are sure to fill people with confidence. On the bright side, maybe we will yet get to see them dragged out of their armored limos and strung up by an angry mob!

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