Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Fun

In the whole canon of recent films, shot entirely in the dark, with their pounding rock soundtracks, high kicking females, and nonsensical scripts, you'd be hard pressed to find thirty seconds as enjoyable as this, from Dirty Harry (1971)

To see how far movies, and movie stars, have become debased and commoditized, just try to imagine this scene with Brad Pitt as Dirty Harry and Tom Cruise as The Mayor. Yeah, right. Those pretty-boy thespian midgets couldn't hope to fill the shoes of giants like Clint Eastwood and the late John Vernon. Stick to filling the pages of People magazine and supporting crackpot religions eh fellas?

Outside a major confrontation with a foreign power, the only situation I can conceive where the use of nuclear weapons would be fully justified, would be in the event that Hollywood threatens a remake of Dirty Harry.

While enjoying that clip, I realized that I am older now than Clint Eastwood was then. How depressing.

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