Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good riddance

An illegal immigrant gang-banger rapist murderer just got his comeuppance

Generally I don't agree with the death penalty. I don't think governments should have the right to kill their own citizens. Death Row contains a lot of people whose only crime was being poor and unable to afford a decent lawyer.

However, people like this guy richly deserve it. If nothing else, the execution was a finger in the eye of the International Court of "Justice". Who the hell gave them the right to order the US to do anything? Certainly not the American people.

The only change I would make to the death penalty, would be to mandate that sentence be carried out by firing squad within 30 days. That would have several beneficial effects.

- You would get far fewer wrongful guilty verdicts because the prospect of a swift execution would concentrate the jury's mind wonderfully. They would not be able to think, "well, he might not be guilty, but I really want to get home, and he's not really ever going to be executed, after all". Either they find him innocent or guilty. If guilty, they know he's in the ground within 30 days.

- No time wasted in court proceedings where inmates complain they are Too fat to execute. What shooter, after all, would want a smaller target?

- No money wasted warehousing people on death row

- No photo opportunities for grandstanding anti death row campaigners

- Rapid satisfaction for relatives of the victim who can then move on with their lives

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