Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sharepoint Value Proposition

In case any managers reading this are wondering, here is my take on the value of Microsoft SharePoint.

* A team of 10 can deliver a solution in a month which previously would have taken a single ASP.NET developer 2 weeks.

* The developed application will work fine only in the development environment. Deployment is another project of approximately the same length as the development project.

* The team won't be able to work with low-spec computers. Each will need at least a 4GB dual core laptop to run the 2 or 3 virtual machines required. With such a platform, developers will achieve the same level of productivity as mainframe developers working in green screen managed back in 1985.

* There is no documentation. The samples don't work. Get used to it. Think Windows programming pre-Petzold.

* The next release of SharePoint will break everything.

So you can now see the true value of this product.... to the likes of Accenture!

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Aaron said...

This is why you would make a great Magenic blogger, lol!

You are spot on. This is why we hate MOSS.