Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reaction from the left to Heller

"We are confident that this does not invalidate Chicago's [weapons] ordinance at this point," said Jennifer Hoyle, spokeswoman for the city Law Department."

Right. When Chicago becomes part of the EU.

Daley said the Supreme Court decision, by allowing guns in city streets but still banning them in the halls of federal power, further widens the gap between the country's elite and the common people.

"This decision really places those who are rich and those who are in power [to] always feel safe," Daley said. "Those who do not have the power do not feel safe, and that's what they're saying."

If you want to narrow the gap between the elite and the common people, let the common people carry weapons as well. Currently the rich and powerful in Chicago (like Daley) do feel safe. Now everybody can! What is it about being a socialist which seems to cloud a person's thinking?

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