Sunday, November 8, 2009

The End of History

Over in Europe, they are celebrating 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. (Pompous multimillionaire eco-rockers U2 outraged the locals when they held a concert to celebrate this... and erected a big wall to keep out those without tickets!)

And in an ironic twist the Czech president, Vaclav Klaus, has signed the Treaty of Lisbon, so 20 years after his country threw off the shackles of Soviet Communism, it has once again ceased to be an independent country and is now a province of the EU empire instead.

The monstrous Healthcare bill just passed the house, I hear, so the upcoming National Health bureaucracy will soon be starting up. That should give hope to millions of unemployable numpties the length and breadth of the USA; their country will shortly be needing them, just as their ilk is needed by the British National Health Service, which is the third-largest employer in the world behind Indian Railways and the Chinese Army.

How do you make a political class or ruling elite? I'd say 1/5th fundamentally evil corrupt, backstabbing, double dealing two faced lying bastards and 4/5ths people who like the trappings of power and don't mind sucking up to them. Then below them a huge bureaucracy of people who can't get any other sort of work and enjoy doing a 3 day week on full pay with a decent pension. For that they'll be good little worker bees... handing out drivers licenses in the DMV, doling out welfare payments, building or liquor permits.... or herding people into gas chambers (depending on the requirements of the government of the day)

Anyway it's Sunday, so enough with the fantasies about emptying the statehouse, hanging the occupants from lamp posts and lighting bonfires under them!

Let's go back to a more hopeful time. 1968, to be precise. The Beatles played Madison Square Garden that year; the Soviet Army played Czechosolvakia; and in Italy, where the CIA kept the communists out of power for 40 years by paying off the local politicians, Lamborghini had been producing the lovely Miura for two years. 0-60 in 7 seconds might not sound much now, but back then you needed a calendar not a stopwatch to time your average family car's 0-60.

Enjoy watching this unbelievably cool looking dude pilot his supercar round some challenging hairpin bends in the Italian alps, pausing only to light a ciggie. Imagine that howling 4.0L V12 is 2 feet behind your head. Imagine some 22 year old redheaded cutie in the passenger seat looking at you invitingly. No road signs. No cops. No warnings. No speed cameras. No trucks. It sure ain't 2009!

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