Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some Justice for a Change

This hideous lump of blubber is not a former member of the East German Politburo.

She is in fact Britain's Home Secretary - responsible for police, prisons, immigration, etc.

She just got her hat handed to her by the EU which said that It's an offence against human rights for police to retain DNA samples of innocent people

Now read that again. They're not saying police can't collect DNA samples. They're saying they can't keep DNA samples from innocent people who they come across in the course of their day.

This is amazing to me for the following reasons

- An unelected unaccountable court in the undemocratic corrupt EU has to tell the UK about human rights
- It actually feels like a victory to have this policy reversed when it's so plainly unjust those responsible for it should have been fired and jailed themselves.
- It shows that the Government the British people elected are not in control in their own country (a good thing - in this case)

Anyway, savor this all too rare victory against the forces of the state. It won't last long; when Miss Smith gets booted out by the British Electorate, she'll head to Europe for an extremely well paid unelected position and work away at getting this reversed.

And in other "justice" news, the man responsible for blanketing British roads with speed cameras - raising GBP100M a year in fines - pleaded guilty to doing 102MPH in a 70 limit

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