Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to fix our economic problems

There's one sure way to fix our economic problems.

Get the unemployed back to work.

Let's start with the politicians and their flunkies, cronies and hangers-on! It might be a nasty shock to them, most of whom have no idea what it is to do an actual day of work, and produce a good or a service, but society would benefit in two ways. Firstly, they would no longer be parasites living off the productivity of the rest of us, and secondly they would not be handicapping the productive segment of society with rules and regulations intended to benefit whoever their main campaign donors are!

Failing that, let's just speed up all the corruption investigations going on and get some speedy trials going. If they're locked in jail they're not robbing the rest of us. Much cheaper to pay room and board for a politician in chokey than their speeding fines or for their dirty films

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