Thursday, May 29, 2008

British Police Crack Down on Crack Dealers

The Soviet Government used to love boasting about its tractor production numbers. The British Politburo love boasting about how they are cracking down on crime. And just like in Soviet Russia nobody believes it because of the evidence of their own eyes - large parts of London resemble Mogadishu and feral kids roam around stabbing people largely unhindered by the utterly useless and ineffective police force. Even if they get to court, the left/liberal judiciary, who are unelected, and therefore able to indulge their 1960s world view, where crime is a result of social deprivation, let the felons go time after time.

Here's a good example. The London cops seized some property from a drug dealer

Check out all his crap - about eight hundred baseball caps!!

Anyway if you read the story you have a Somalian illegal immigrant making a thousand pounds a day dealing drugs and he gets jailed for four years of which he will not even serve two. It never occurs to the powers that be to deport him.

Once he gets out I'm sure he'll be buying even more baseball caps!

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