Friday, May 25, 2007

In praise of Putin

So I admit to being an admirer of the Russian president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and of Russia in general. That's not in the same sense of, say, the way a large number of British and European politicians like Russia, in that they would have eagerly signed up to the Warsaw pact given half a chance. But I admire Putin for his strong leadership and the Russian people for their determination in the face of adversity, and for giving the Germans a good kicking in World War II.

First you have to admire the man's ability to remain on the top of Kremlin politics. Can you imagine a grinning weasel like Tony Blair lasting a week as Russian president?

He would have fallen victim to some misfortune quicker than you could say 'slimy turd'.

Here's Putin visiting the new multi-million dollar HQ of Russian Military Intelligence, the GRU and brushing up his skills with a pistol.

Can you imagine Blair brandishing a Makarov? No, while denying the same ability to law-abiding British citizens, he leaves that sort of dirty work to his publically funded team of heavily armed bodyguards. At the first sign of trouble Blair would either be quivering under the table or in the arms of his minder, while Vlad would have either despatched the miscreant with a single Haraigoshi

or failing that blown his head off with his trusty Makarov.

Seriously folks, how could you not like a world leader who could tell George Bush "we don't want the same sort of democracy in Russia that they have in Iraq!"


Chris said...

Admire Putin? What is so admirable about consolidating power? People complain that Bush is doing this, but Putin has been about 1000 x more effective. What is so admirable about all but banning political speech that is anti-Putin? And by banning, I mean it will probably cost you your life since one of his goons will take out (I hear polonium 210 is quite effective). Personally, I'd much prefer socialism to any dictatorship ... but apparently you don't feel the same way.

Socialism Sucks said...

I explain that in the post.

1. I like a guy who can handle a pistol and throw an opponent
2. The Russians need an autocrat. Someone like Tony Blair or Jimmy Carter wouldn't last 5 minutes
3. A strong Russia is needed to counterbalance the US
4. Putin has created a strong Russia, albeit with serious social problems. But it's better than anarchy
5. As for the polonium, first we don't actually know it was him (I doubt it was) and second, just be careful not to have tea with a former KGB agent in case it's poisoned. Sometimes they just can't help themselves !